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Revenue Sources in the Music Industry

By David Goldstein Watch the music industry's revenue sources evolve over the years. Our friends over at Business Insider posted this interesting article and chart that shows how things have changed. The CD has slowly but surely been dying with the advent of the Internet. P2P services like Napster and Bittorrent have accelerated its demise, but…

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Amazon Launches Spotify Competitor

Amazon launches Spotify Competitor eCommerce giant Amazon launched a music streaming service that will compete head-on with Spotify, Pandora, Beats Music and Apple. With its Kindle tablets, Amazon has shown its ability to sell premium content in other categories such as books, film and TV successfully to its customers. As music streaming is becoming more…

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Will Spotify save or kill the music industry?

Will Spotify save or kill the music industry? Love it or hate it, music streaming is here to stay. Spotify has pioneered another legal alternative to piracy - advertising-funded and paid subscription-based music streaming. Alas, the royalty rates for music streaming are much lower than for downloads and CD's, so it's not exactly an apple-for-apple…

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