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Review of Song Tipsheet Rowfax

Review of Song Tipsheet Rowfax By David Goldstein Founded in 1992, Rowfax is the granddaddy of song tipsheets for the Country and Christian Music world. Priced at a very reasonable $179 a year, Rowfax provides about a hundred music placement opportunities in any given year. As it is focused on the music industry in Nashville, Rowfax…

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Review of MusicSupervisorGuide

Review of MusicSupervisorGuide by David Goldstein MusicSupervisorGuide ( is really three services in one: First, it is a music supervisor directory listing thousands of music supervisors and advertising agency creatives in charge of licensing music for film, TV, videogame and advertising projects. Two, the service provides a list of hundreds of active film and…

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Review of Song Tipsheet myHitOnline

Review of Music Tip Sheet myHitOnline by David Goldstein With dozens of different music tip sheets – also known as song tipsheets – out there, it’s not easy to figure out to which one to subscribe. See, there are two types of tip sheets out there: solicited and unsolicited. Song tipsheets that offer solicited tip sheets,…

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Review of Song Tipsheet SongQuarters

Review of the Song Tipsheet SongQuarters By David Goldstein When you're ready to take the training wheels off your bicycle, SongQuarters ( is probably the next best song tipsheet semi-professional and professional songwriters and record producers upgrade to. Like the grandpa of song tipsheets Songlink, SongQuarters features dozens of solicited song placement opportunities in any…

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Songlink Review

Songlink Review By David Goldstein First published in 1993, Songlink ( is one of the oldest and most established song tip sheets in the music business. Published by David Stark, Songlink distinguishes itself from many other song tip sheets in publishing only "solicited" music placement opportunities. A solicited lead is one that the record label…

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Review of the Taxi A&R Music Placement Service

Review of the Taxi A&R Music Placement Service by David Goldstein The US-based Taxi A&R music placement service ( is probably the grandfather of music placement services out there. Founded in 1992 by Michael Laskow, Taxi specializes in solicited leads for recording artists, commercials and also film and television. What’s special about the Taxi…

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