How to make it big in the music industry

Go Global

Key players from major music companies, such as Warner Music, Orchard, Kickstarter and Sacem, discuss the modern music industry environment. Hear the experts discuss how and why going global helps artists become more successful and make it big!

How To


  • Building An Artist’s Career

    What does it take to build an artist’s career these days? Hear the views of A&R’s, artists and managers in this fascinating MIDEM panel....
  • Modern Music Licensing Solutions

    What are the new music licensing hubs and solutions that make things easier for people to license music? Check out this interesting MIDEM panel on how record labels and...
  • how-to-start-a-record-label

    How to Start a Record Label

    How to Start a Record Label Have you ever wondered how to start a record label? In this fantastic one hour panel of experts from the 2011 edition of MIDEM,...
  • Independent Record Release and Promotion

    Independent Record Release and Promotion In this great interview, Stanford University president interviews artist Chamillionaire on how to best go about an independent record release and promotion....